Like the flutes, the didgeridoos come in a great variety of sizes and therefore pitches. They are generally thinner the shorter they are, and the mouthpieces are slightly ovalized to give better tonal response. They have a layer of beeswax on the mouthpiece as this is traditional and makes for a reasonably soft feel against your mouth. Good bamboo is very resonant and most people find bamboo didgeridoos easier to play than a traditional hardwood didgeridoo costing a great deal more. Even hardwood purists often admit to loving the sound and feel of my didgeridoos. Like the flutes, you can order a didgeridoo in any key, although the most popular seem to be C, C#, D and E. I specialise in making some enormous ones which we call Monster Didges. These can be up to two metres in length and sometimes even fine didgeridoo players struggle for a few minutes to relax their lips enough to make these play. Once you get the feel for them however, they are fantastic and incredibly relaxing. They just purrrrrr….Listen here. Many people don’t care what key their didgeridoo is in. If you wish to order by size, feel free to do so. A didgeridoo in D is about 46" to 48" long depending on the width of the bore.

    I have produced a tuition CD called "How to Doo" which is a comprehensive guide to playing and takes you right from the basics through to advanced techniques including, of course, circular breathing. Price £7.50  including Packaging and postage, or £6.50 with a didgeridoo.


Burnt finish bamboo  E £168    D £175   C♯ £180   C £190   B £195   Bb £210  A £225

Painted                      E to D    £225 


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