Irish flutes have a haunting Celtic sound due to their differing taper from our standard flutes. They have a six holed fingering system exactly the same as a tin whistle. I make mine from suitably tapered bamboo and they are precisely tuned using an electronic tuner. The most common Irish flute is the Low D flute with it’s woody, mellow tone. I also make a High D flute which is an octave higher and has a bright and lively sound. D flutes can also easily be played in G, the second most common key in Irish music, simply by flattening one note, namely the C#, by covering the second hole from the top only. However I also make an Irish flute in the key of G. This is a mid range flute that is quite mellow in its lower register but quite high at its top end and is very comfortable on the fingers. I also make an F Irish flute which is only a tone and a half higher than a low D flute and therefore has quite a deep sound, but has less of a finger stretch than on the larger flutes. However if you really love a very deep rich resonant low flute, our low C flutes have a beautiful sound, but the fingers do have to stretch a little. I also normally have Irish flutes in various other keys such as high C, Bb, A and low Eb and E and can make them in any key to order. In the last few years I have increasingly been asked for low Bb and A flutes and after making quite a number I now include them in our range. They have a stunningly vibrant, rich, mellow, haunting sound.

    From October 2013, all my Irish flutes will be signed by me. All the lower flutes (from G downwards) are now highly sanded and French polished and look exquisite.


    Click the following links to hear the following keys of flutes being played. High D, G, Low D, Low C


                                                                High D      £52

                                                                High C      £59

                                                                High Bb     £66

                                                                A              £70

                                                                G              £78

                                                                F               £86

                                                                Low D       £98

                                                                Low C       £110

                                                                Low Bb     £125

                                                                Low A       £140